About Blue Hill Helicopters

BLUE HILL HELICOPTERS was founded by experienced instructors to provide the most comprehensive Part 141 FAA Approved helicopter flight training available in New England. At BHH we are equipped for recreational and professional students, and offer the necessary instructional environment to become a professional helicopter pilot.

A Community Atmosphere

At BHH you will not only rise to the many challenges of helicopter flying, but you will become part of a close-knit aviation community. Learning to fly helicopters is not just a skill, it is also about forming lasting relationships with other students and pilots within the community. BHH also participates in local community activities and events.

Located Just Outside of Boston

Our location, just outside of Boston, Massachusetts, is one of the best in the country, and offers access to all training environments necessary to produce the best pilots in the world. Our proximity to one of the busiest airspaces in the nation with both Class B and Class C operations allows us to immerse our students in an urban setting. We are also within short distance of the White Mountains of New Hampshire. Our mountain course will expose you to some of the highest terrain East of the Rockies, and some of the most challenging weather in the world. Some schools tell you how you can use Duo training to get your license and save money, who wants to be at the risk of another students mistakes in the back seat! Here at BHH we use 2 seat Schweizer helicopters to train students one to one. We dont claim to save you money but we do train you to the highest standards possible in helicopters that were used to train military pilots. The largest school in the world uses Schweizer helicopters, a testament to the safety and training abilty of the Aircraft.

Real-World Training

Helicopter training in New England prepares the BHH graduate with the knowledge necessary to perform helicopter operations in almost any location. Winter snow and winds, summer heat and storms, and metropolitan haze all combine for the utmost in real world training. Come check out our fleet which makes BHH a complete Part 141 FAA Approved helicopter flight school close to Boston, form Private to CFI, including instrument training.

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