Helicopter Rental

Helicopter Rental

Helicopter rental in Boston.
Completing your Private Pilot Certificate is exciting and thrilling. You can finally enjoy the pleasure of flying with family and friends. 
Fly the helicopter down to the Cape Cod or into Downtown Boston. As one of the few companies in the US we offer helicopter rentals to our students upon completion of the Private Pilot Certificate.
We do also offer helicopter rentals to rated pilots. 

Pilot Qualifications

  • Must hold a valid and current Private Pilot Certificate with R44 PIC Endorsement.
  • Must hold at least a valid Medical Class 3 certificate.
  • Must have completed a flight review as pr. §61.56 and SFAR 73.

Initial check out and currency requirements

  1. All renters must satisfactorily complete a check flight with one of Blue Hill Helicopters flight instructor and show proficiency in the described areas of SFAR 73 and show pilot in command abilities. 
  2. Blue Hill helicopters require all renters to stay proficient by renting or flying at least every 30 days. Upon not staying current a satisfactory sign out with an instructor is necessary to obtain proficiency.  

Hourly rate

Robinson R44: $430 (fuel included)