Aerial photography

Aerial Photography

Helicopters is the best way to get the perfect picture. Unlike small airplanes, a helicopter is more flexible allowing the photographer more time to compose the shot. 
Our flight staff is trained in all flight services including real estate,  construction, urban planning, surveys and customized photo services. With each client we take the time to understand the kind of aerial photography that is desired. 

We work with experienced photographers that have years of 
experience overcoming the unique challenges associated with taking 
photographs from helicopters. If you would like to provide your 
own photographer, however, we are happy to work with them as well.

What we can offer

  • Doors-off flight: We can remove one or more doors to offer a glare-free view of the subject.
  • Room for an observer/client: On our Robinson R44 the capacity is up to three observers including the photographer. 

Aerial photography pricing

Robinson R44: $525 per hour
Our pricing is based on a flat rate. Including fuel and pilot.
Minimum one hour rental is required.