Private Pilot

As a private pilot you can fly for pleasure with your friends and family.


How to become a private pilot

  • Training can begin at any age. 16 years old for student pilot certificate and to solo. 17 years old to take flight test
  • Be able to read, speak, write, and understand English
  • Obtain a FAA medical certificate (prior to first solo flight)
  • Pass an FAA written knowledge test
  • Complete 40 hours minimum flight time including 10 hours of solo flight
  • Reference: FAR §61.103

How to get started with flight training

Introductory flight

Book an introductory flight. 30 min flight time and 30 min ground school. 

Medical certificate

Pilots must meet basic medical requirements. An examination can be scheduled with an Aviation Medical Examiner.

Student Pilot Certificate

A student pilot certificate will be needed before first solo flight. 

Start flight training

Start flight training and begin working towards the aeronautical knowledge and the practical training. 

Helicopter training costs

  • Private Pilot Certificate - minimum FAA requirements §61.109
  • $24,650

    pay as you go - no prior payment
  • 30 hours dual - $600 per hour - $18,000
  • 10 hours solo - $570 per hour - $5,700
  • FAA Written Exam - $150
  • Practical test - $800

Pay as you go

Some flight schools make you deposit money prior to flying, but Blue Hill Helicopters lets you start training right away and pay for lessons as you go.
You will pay the balance when you complete each flight lesson. 
The cost of flight training is challenging to estimate because it is very dependent on the student. Frequent flying improves learning ability. Some people can understand and retain information faster than others. These factors all affect the total cost of flight training.

Do I need a college degree to learn to fly helicopters?

No, anyone with a basic understanding of math and willingness to learn can become a helicopter pilot. 

Do I need prior military experience?

No prior military experience is required. 

Do I need perfect vision to fly?

No. As long as your vision can be corrected to a 20/20 vision you are eligible for a medical certificate. 

Can I fly for fun if I don't necessarily want to do it as a career?

Absolutely. We can meet your needs for flight training. A private pilot certificate will allow you to fly with passengers for fun. In order to get paid, you will need a commercial pilot certificate. 

What are the weight restrictions?

The seat limit on the Robinson R44 is 300 lb.