Professional Pilot Program

As a private pilot you can fly for pleasure with your friends and family.



Our professional pilot program is designed for students with no prior aviation experience. It includes all certificates and ratings you need to successfully start your helicopter career. During this program you will obtain a Private, Instrument, Commercial, Flight Instructor, Flight Instructor Instrument certificates and ratings. You will graduate with 200 hours of helicopter flight time, thus complying with the SFAR-73 regulation. All your flying will be in the Robinson R44. 

At Blue Hill Helicopters we tailor this program to your needs. You can do it at your own pace – part time or full time. At the end of the program you will have numerous of career opportunities in the helicopter industry. 

Why choose Blue Hill Helicopters?

At Blue Hill Helicopters we hire our own students as flight instructors to give them the opportunity to gain flight experience in a busy environment. We prepare them for their next ventures whether it is flying tours in Grand Canyon, Off-Shore in the Gulf of Mexico, charter or corporate in NYC or flying EMS nationwide.

Unlike the majority of US Flight Schools that solely provide instruction or tours, Blue Hill Helicopters combines your experience with professional photo flights, golf ball drops and Santa drops.  Whether you want to fly tours, charters or fly medical helicopters. We have great connections to major companies in the Grand Canyon, Gulf of Mexico and New York City.

How to get started with flight training

Private Pilot Certificate
Instrument Rating
Commercial Pilot Certificate
Certified Flight Instructor
Certified Flight Instructor Instrument

Private Pilot Certificate

Private Pilot Certification is the first step in the FAA certification – this is the initial step for every pilot. Pilots who only wish to fly recreationally will need this certificate. However, if you want to turn helicopter flying into a career, the journey must continue.

Instrument Rating

Instrument rating teaches you to fly the helicopter solely by reference to the instruments. A desirable skill to possess in clouds or any situation where visibility is impaired.
As most helicopters fly in visual conditions, it is not a requirement to have an instrument rating. However, it is a required rating for many jobs and by many employers. For instance, if you want to fly EMS (Emergency Medical Service). 

Commercial Pilot Certificate

A Commercial rating is required for a pilot to be employed as a professional pilot. Most times it is not enough just having a commercial pilot certificate. Adding a Flight Instructor Certificate will help build the necessary hours and experience to be employable. Only having a commercial pilot certificate would limit your initial job opportunities to flying tours.

Certified Flight Instructor

After gaining your commercial certificate, the most common career path for a helicopter pilot is becoming a Certified Flight Instructor (CFI). Most pilots choose this path because they want to pass on the skills and knowledge they have acquired during their own training. In doing so, flight instructors improve and develop their own understanding of aviation.

Certified Flight Instructor Instrument

As a Certified Flight Instructor Instrument (CFII) you are qualified to teach and instruct students who are in the process of obtaining their instrument rating.

Pay as you go

Many flight schools make you deposit money prior to flying, but Blue Hill Helicopters lets you start training right away and pay for lessons as you go.
You’ll pay the the balance when you complete each flight lesson. 
Flight training is challenging to estimate because it is very dependent on the student. Frequent flying  improves learning ability. Some people are able to understand and retain some material faster than others. These factors all affect the total cost of flight training.
  • Professional Pilot Program
  • $120,050

    pay as you go - no prior payment
  • Private Pilot - $24,650
  • Instrument Rating - $30,950
  • Commercial Pilot, CFI, CFII - $64,450

Do I need a college degree to learn to fly helicopters?

No, anyone with a basic understanding of math and willingness to learn can become a helicopter pilot. 

Do I need prior military experience?

No prior military experience is required. 

Do I need perfect vision to fly?

No. As long as your vision can be corrected to a 20/20 vision you are eligible for a medical certificate. 

Can I fly for fun if I don't necessarily want to do it as a career?

Absolutely. We can meet your needs for flight training. A private pilot certificate will allow you to fly with passengers for fun. In order to get paid, you will need a commercial pilot certificate. 

What are the weight restrictions?

The seat limit on the Robinson R44 is 300 lb.