Golf Ball Drop

Golf Ball Drop

This is an increasingly popular way to host a raffle at your next function.
The way it works is simple. Following the traditional raffle ticket sales model, each participant 
purchases a ticket that represents a numbered golf ball. The thrill comes when Blue Hill Helicopters overflies the golf course and drops the numbered golf balls over a selected target (golf ball hole, flag, marker, etc.) attempting to get all of the balls as close to the target as possible. Prizes are generally awarded to 
the numbered ball(s) closest to the selected target. 

What we can provide you with

We provide golf balls in 500 increments up to 1500 balls.
Min. 500 balls are required to be rent and the price is $150 whether the amount is 500, 1000 or 1500 golf balls. 
Let us know which day, what time and how many balls you need the dropped. 
A guaranteed crowd pleaser!


$600 per drop.
$150 for renting numbered golf balls.
Our pricing is based on a flat rate. Including fuel and pilot.
Our goal is your goal and we can accommodate most special request.  

Submit your golf ball drop request 

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